Fragrance Notes: Everything You Need to Know

Fragrances have something mysteriously private about them, researches have shown they have the power to awaken repressed memories and feelings. A beautifully personal scent exuding from you can set you apart from everyone, plus the compliments that you smell amazing, never hurt. The concept that a fragrance is a huge part of your personality is the reason why it should be selected carefully, and for the ease of that we have a breakdown of the most important notes found in the fragrance world. With the help of these, choosing a perfume that will get you compliments doesn’t sound like a daunting task.

1. Fruity notes

 Reminding you of long summer days, fruity notes are composed of apple, cherry, strawberry, watermelon and similar sweet scents that have a juicy vibe. The best ones are never cloyingly sweet as they pair well with other heavy notes. 

Girl of NOW 
Elie Saab Girl of Now

2. Floral notes

 Giving a natural feel to a fragrance, they can range from anything in between, walking through a cherry blossom garden in full bloom, to a light jasmine scent for just a fresh playful effect. One thing is certain that these give off the best romantically feminine scent of all.

Gucci Bloom

3. Woody notes 

Often used as the base notes, they have the longest lasting scent. They can remind you of pine forests and campfires in winters. If you like outdoors activities and the smell of nature you will most likely love this kind of heavy note. They are often used to enhance the staying power of the fragrance. Most of the woody notes have an earthy quality but cedarwood and oud comes in with a sweet scent.

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Tom Ford Oud Wood

4. Spicy notes

The warm sultry scents of cinnamon, incense and cardamom are commonly used.  While nutmeg gives a spicy sweetness, rosemary and basil posses a herbal quality. This is the type of scent that gives a mysterious aura about you. 


5. Musk notes

The musk tones are mostly found in the base notes of the fragrances. Their abundance helps to fill the base and improve the staying power of the perfume. Various types of musk, from black musk to cashmere musk, imply that these fragrances may bring a unique characteristic to any perfume.

VERSACE Yellow Diamond

6. Citrusy notes

These have a fresh and crisp scent usually characterized by lemon, grapefruit and orange. While most types have sweetness in the a few also have some bitterness to them.

7. Aquatic notes

 As the name suggests, marine notes such as algae, salt, and fresh sea air describe aquatic perfumes. These can remind you of an afternoon spent on the beach.

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